LumaFusion, Animation Pro App, Procreate on an Ipad Pro 


Video and tutorials using final cut, after effects, photoshop, dreamweaver, css and more.

Apps Procreate, Plastic, Cute Cut Pro, animated Judge Dredd

I set myself a little project over January 2017, can you animate on a iPad pro with which apps ?

Well Pencil for desktop (might be only mac ) or maybe Toon Boom are great little programs and work well in animation, drawing areas.

But on a iPad pro might be a little difficult but fun,  see what you think of the video below.  I used “Cute Cut Pro” to edit video, “Plastic” to animate beetles legs and “Procreate” and “ArtRage” to draw images.

Animating a Donut Object from Brighton beach with Winged statue and Singing man from Sapporo.

Donut Town

Hand of God is upon you watch out.
Animation of images I taken for this project are all from within just a 100 yards or so where I live.
I combined them together in After effects to make a little scene for fun.

Tiltshift video filmed using a Panasonic Pal mini dvd.

Making a 2D image into a 3D image.

I have taken some 1600 hundred images while in Nepal and then I have used them to produce some 3D results.

First I took the images into Photoshop and pen tooled the areas cutting up the images and then I have taken these into After Effects and applied the 3D with camera and added some clouds and make good use of the puppet tool for the Angle and Lions face to make objects come alive.

Feed back is always welcome.

Puppet Tool in After Effects.

I have used a single image of a lizard taken in Africa by a friend.

And then animate this in After Effects with a background of a video I shot years ago on a I.T SSD Camera which only cost £99 quid.

 Motion Tracking in After Effects

Still using the Lizard as a head I thought of why not use it to Motion track in the Enterprise.

Well why not indeed, all I needed was something that would sit in the center of the screen and track around this point.

Hope you enjoy and have some ideas coming on.

Video Tutorial – Puppet Tool After Effects

Video Tutorial – Pen Tool Photoshop.
How to use the pen tool in photoshop.

In this video you will pen tool a ladybird in photoshop.

Video Blur effect in After Effects

I used the blur effect in After Effects CS3 on the last part of this video.
Watch the hard drive go into higher space.
Render was very slow machine power pc G5 2.7 3.5 ram

Editing Video 

I was sent a video by drop boxed.

Video to make into a promo to sell holidays in Nepal.

Here is what I come up with, feed back is welcome.

Thinking of a trip out to Nepal and some flying with SIV on a course.

Contact John Mitchell from

Watch a typical morning in SIV jam packed with moments.

Your just have to go the temptation is just too much.

The view from above.

More images on this page.

Lightwave 9

Lightwave 9

I made this in four programs.

The larger of the two ships was modeled in Zbrush.

The smaller space craft I modeled in Lightwave, the color effects at the end was done in After Effects as well as the end title.

The text and water at the end coming up through the mist was done in Carrara.

Some blur Time effects was done in Final cut pro.

So I was just experimenting with new programs to see which I like, you can download a 30 day trails on all of mentioned.

Note Zbrush no longer supports Power PC.

Anyway the views are this,

Lightwave wins hands down.

Modeler easy to get on with interface simple and not distracting.
Down sides nothing intuitive.

The scene editor of Lightwave love it, again not intuitive.

The render side of Lightwave this video I rendered were consuming just a tiny 2mbs.

CPU is the name of the game to improve render times, Power PC render here 7 mins, 8 core mac 36 seconds.


What can I say here is my first stab in the dark with Zbrush.

Click on the image to see bigger.

I like Zbrush but I hate the fact in 3D mode if you do not select edit mode your image becomes 2D, kind of bugs me as when you select a sphere which is 3D why the … would it go into 2D, ever so important to remember to click edit as it remains as a 3D object.

The areas of Zbrush of importance you can doodle away to your hearts content and save as a OBJ and edit this in say Lightwave.

I did not have much success with the textures all coming into Lightwave, could be me.

But I could model quick and render out in OBJ and work it in Lightwave as a 3 D model.

The different amount of ideas you can explore and save in your palettes are cool.

Oh area to get your head around first is the save as, your save the contents and not the 3D model which you save in the palette tools.

In other words your be happy until you open the file and its flat, this is due to the way you save the files.

I not go into it right now, but I found this very irritating way and your bound to make the mistakes once or twice but not again.

Over all really fun program to use if you have a wacom tablet even better.

The layers in the program ok but need improving for ease of use.

Another feature also very good is the part test your CPU.

This does a quick check to find best performance to match the amount of CPU on your computer.

Another 3 program called Blender is available as open source.

What this means is its free!

Is updated often and free.

Interface really good.

Really good at areas of objects bouncing hitting each other.

Render times appear to be excellent.



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  1. Very good’got too much time on your hands. Gona have to get more students for you before you you go mad. Ill have to do a bit of proping for you.

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