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Question can a wind farm work in any given wind direction? Or are they fixed ?

The cliffs


Selection of Images and ideas

Brighton West Pier

Brighton West Pier

West Pier.jpg

Captain Kirk loses it on the London tube station.

Tube strike after southern rail strike if only Scotty was here he have it all worked out in 12 hours and then half  the time when Kirk states we only have 5 hrs Scotty, Scotty replies I see what I can do Captain I can’t work miricals.

Mean while weeks later and some it is a whole load of tosh and pain for public at large.

Dark Sky Over Brighton


Sun Setting Over Brighton

Big wheel now gone 2016 and the tower left in its place.


Brighton West Pier


Nepal Street Life


Old makes way for new building in Brighton


Friston Forest Uk on south east coast


Lake Toya Japan Hokkaido

Lake Toya Japan  Hokkaido, I pulled back the curtains in our bedroom with a splendid view of Lake Toya, then off to the top floor to relax in the hot springs at the roof terrace followed by a hearty breakfast.


Who Shot Grigori Rasputin

100 years dead next December 30th 2016 – Who killed Grigori ? Was he poisoned probably not he did not drink wine at this point in time as he had terrible stomach pains resulting from his meeting with x lover who used a blade to cut him open years before, leaving his intestines open and hanging out.

Maybe shot then by who ? maybe UK spy wishing Russia to stay in the war and not to opt out.

Grigori was shot in the head as well as three other places, but upon examination and the position of his arms it appears after being put into a river but first cutting through the icey river top layer of ice first and then putting the body into the river Grigori death was determine it seems by exposure !

Maybe he could not walk on water but he could they say halt haemophilia.

Read more about Who Shot Grigori Rasputin


Brighton Beach


Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji in the background.


Low Sun at Brighton Beach


Chain Saw’s and UFO

Running scared – I have drawn this image from memory. I was asked to be a driver for a friend who had organised a UFO evening. I dropped off the students in the woods and waited at the bottom of the rd. Unknown to me,  men with white sheets and chainsaw’s were chasing the students down the hill, mean while a Police car had pulled up to ask why I was parked in the lane. Upon hearing the noise of the small engine from the chain saw they left to investigate the local moped gang that had been causing disruption to the local village.


Who is in charge 

I drew this in ArtRage, it shows Hitlers mother and Hitlers father and other characters about at the time, I was just wondering is it the parents environment that changes the way we grow up. Strange events do occur recently Donald Trump won his election to be next person to rule the USA.


I drew this image in ArtRage on a desk top computer using an A3 wacom tablet.

I took a picture of myself sitting on a chair and used this as a pose to model Dredd and had a picture of a beetle at hand.

Judge Dredd.jpg

Blue Pond Biei Japan Hokkaido

A little place in North Japan a blue lake, when we arrived the first snow had just fallen and so had the temperature.

blue lake.jpg

Avocado Eyes.

Tim Star in the air

Tim in action

Big Wheel in Brighton

Changing skin tones and backgrounds in photoshop

Energy JM

Mushroom Head, I took this in Friston Forest with a nice lens and Fuji S 5 pro.

Mushroom head Tilt shift images

Mrs Cow


Makes for a cool screen saver on your Itouch or iPhone.


Grab some air dudes



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