Copy Paste with word press app ?

I have been chatting with word press helper and to date I am sure the word press app on an iPad does not support copy paste !

Update for app word press 13th march 2017 version 7.1 file size 44.8mb’s
iPad pro OS 10.2.1

26th of March 2017 iPad pro unable to copy paste from safari in to app word press.

Issue bug appears to be present in the app word press.

Has anyone else had this issue ? please comment.


Drawing with iPad Pro and apple pen

Image of Lola drawn on iPad Pro with apple pen in application ArtRage.

This my first image drawn on iPad Pro with apple pen, I found the experience rather fun, listening to the pod cast “The Martian” which was very nice coming out of the four speakers included on iPad Pro.

The portability of the iPad Pro great experience and the drawing app ArtRage allows user to rotate the image zoom in, I would use a Wacom tablet on desktop PC for general use of drawing sketches etc.

So this new method of drawing on a tablet directly feels superb is my first impression.

Before purchasing the iPad Pro and pen, I had been given a iPad mini and used it for drawing with a rubber stick, the pressure sensitivity is one level with the rubber stick, the accuracy and delay time are poor. However still good fun, here is an example again using ArtRage drawing app with a £1.00 rubber stick (up side no batteries needed) using an iPad mini one.

So what do you get for your money with an iPad Pro and apple pen ? 

First off it is not as precise as a Wacom tablet and pen, the Wacom pen never needs charging, Wacom pen comes with ink pot and includes many direct types of nibs.

The newer Wacom tablets are superb in feel to your hands, the pen has two function buttons as standard, has a eraser on top, the pen also feels nicer more grippy, oh and they make drawing tablets and pens for ever.

So why an iPad and apple pen ?

Well the recent trip I made to north Japan Sapporo and the iPad mini I was given led me into the trap 🙂 of looking into a big iPad.

In Japan stores you except to find a floor of Wacom tablets to play with and another area of say iPads so your in control using the kit, it is nothing like walking into the apple shop in uk or USA, I write about that experience another time. Quickly you can sense what is important to you and your needs, such as windows on a Wacom tablet not a problem, Mac OS big issue, not happening, why ? But by having the items in front of you and experiencing the kit in one place your able to decide what will function best for your needs. In the U.K. It is about 5 hrs one way to try out the new Wacom tablets, um not happening then, in Brighton where I live I see none in stores etc and Brighton is an arty place, yet none in shops, why not ? mac man shop in Brighton offers by far the best advise and has knowledgeable levels experience to be able to answer your queries. URL link https://www.themac-man.co.uk/

The whole experience of editing video on the move drawing simple ideas made me think, this iPad mini fits into my jacket pocket how cool is that edit away on the tube, plane, sitting on the bus in the park on the beach and continue at home.

I felt free from the confinement of an office which has zero stimulus for any imagination and before I knew it a customer treated me to an iPad Pro and apple pen.

I am over the moon with pleasure at such a gift, how does the iPad Pro and pen compare to Wacom tablet experience ? out of a hundred percent the iPad Pro is 88 % over the desk top Wacom tablet for levels of quality, Wacom being 100%, however the portable tablet experience for me wins hands down for the purpose of drawing, don’t forget you can wi if the ArtRage file to the desktop for a bigger screen experience.

I will keep adding contents of experiences I have using the iPad Pro and apple pen and useful applications which I have found beneficial to lack of importing and exporting from desk top their and back, Go Pro how to get the files into imovie direct from camera, with other works around. 

So be sure to subscribe and ask questions, after all making a choice on a purchase like this is probably taking time to think it through carefully.

Example of this might be say Microsoft surface did I mention this is an all in one operating windows system with a pen that lasts on average one year !

Wow now compare that to iPad and apps which are not real applications their well watered down wine with little performance except for a few.

I leave you for now with the Sweeney on Brighton sea front Madeira drive outside bikes cafe.


12th December 2016

William Grindecobbe and the pheasants revolt 

I was listening to an audio pod cast recently which I often do when painting, this gives me new directions at times, this audio pod cast by Juliet Barker Author of the Peasants Revolt on “History Extra Podcast”. I had listen to this pod cast while flying over to north Japan, while staring out the window over a 15 hr flight, I could have done with the iPad Pro and Apple pen then, the flight would have probably flown by. So this idea of William Grindecobbe has been sitting in my head, so I thought why not draw the idea on my new iPad Pro see where it goes. 

The story is all about a Mr William Grindecobbe who during the time of the peasants’ revolt decided to make a stand which then made his life hell, it is an interesting story and I suggest you listen to the whole pod cast.
In the picture below is a path filled with round objects these are hand mills, the monks have put them back into the path leading up to the Abbey this suggests a dominance stance of defiance against the local people, let me explain more.
St Albans is a city in Hertfordshire, England, where this all took place, the hand mills where allowed for home use of which the purpose was for hand corn for your own personal use at home, but in St Albans the hand mills were taken to the abbey and set down as a path so they the monks could walk up and down on the path to show they were in charge.
A man called William Grindecobbe was a wealthy man he had his land taken by the abbey, he had an argument with the monks, which the monks then stripped William Grindecobbe naked and walk him through the streets naked to the abbey.
After William Grindecobbe went and joined the revolt, William went to Mile End where he meet Richard the Second and knelt six times and ask for the freedom of the town, Richard was granted this request with an added document setting all towns people free.

William went back to St Albans to see the abbot, the hand mills were all dug up and were given back to the towns people.
During this event no one was hurt or killed, but the Abbot of St Albans had a friend high up, called Chief Justice Prisslilian, a hanging judge of the first order.
Chief Justice came to St Albans, he made an example of William Grindecobbe and 14 fellow towns men, they were made an example of, this the Chief Justice did by hanging them in the fields nearby.
The hand mills were taken back and reburied in the abbey! The 14 towns people and William Grindecobbe were hung from the trees until they became rotten, someone in the town took pity on William Grindecobbe and the 14 towns people that they took down their bodies and buried them with some dignity.
The Abbot said no and went to Richard the Second ask for written permission to have William Grindecobbe and the 14 other towns people’s bodies dug up and re hung in chains so as to prevent anyone else removing their bodies again.
Queen Ann later requested their bodies be buried decently. What struck me most by this story that Juliet Barker tells us, is how frustrating it must have been for both parties, also how restrained the towns people were. I would have thought William Grindecobbe must have been bent double in frustration at the start, but found a solution after being stripped naked and walked through the town up to the abbey.
Then only later to have had all the hand mills dug back up and put into the Abbey’s path, and then to add further insult to be hung, I call it murder by power.
So I have drawn William Grindecobbe bent over backwards and the Abbey monk stamping down the hand mills back into the Abbey’s path. A path of injustice authority under the banner corruption of power.
I do not know if the 14 towns people and William Grindecobbe were ever given a pardon by our UK Government or royal family, I like to think they have. 
The story is sad, but a touching one, were common sense is over ridden by men with small minds who fear and use this authority to extend their control over others. Doing the right think is sometimes the hardest thing to achieve in our life’s. 


Drawn with iPad Pro and pen in app ArtRage 

What is in the box ?

 iPad Pro and a charger, the only difference between other iPads I think I am correct in saying is your new iPad Pro will come with a lengthy cable of around 4 feet. The actual charger a little big for my liking, more like the size and shape of the first USB charger apple introduced some years back, I have read the charge time is around 4 hrs to fully charge iPad Pro. Other people  have commented about the charger, suggesting it should have been more powerful, as the iPad Pro battery bigger, their is a fast charger claiming from a fully drained iPad Pro battery to have charged the iPad Pro largest 12.9 inch to a 29 % in 20 minutes ! where as the charger that comes with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 20 minutes will give you 11% total charge.

 For me it is not an issue, generally I charge once off to bed and all is good to go the next morning, this charge will last the whole day plus 4 hrs of drawing.

The case I decided upon was expensive 

Is the case worth the price ?

Well this case I have seen on line at a fraction of the cost that Apple shop charged, but cannot comment on the quality, I would think it be really helpful if others could post comments as I feel the case I was given so expensive I nearly took the items back to the mac shop.

This was  a gift for me, the person recommended this case, so I could hardly say no, so it was bought in the Apple Store, but i felt uncomfortable about the high price of the case.  Example of alternatives iPad cases are “iPad Pro Case, JETech iPad Pro Slim-Fit Smart Case Cover for Apple 12.9 Inch iPad Pro 2015 ”


Cover magnetic, easy to detach or make into a stand very suitable for drawing, bottom case is very nice feel in my hands and feels very right with a soft rubber feel, which appears not to make your hands sweat, also case holds the iPad Pro firmly in place and will not pop out  unexpectedly.

How to transfer video and images from iPad Pro to desk top PC, Go Pro video over to iPad Pro for editing in iMovie and Cute Cut ?
A couple of quick points, first off iPad Pro 12 inch lightning port is as quick as USB 3 ! This was one of the reasons why I decided on the 12 inch version iPad over the other iPads.

Now in a apple shop, I asked if I can try before buy, little chit chat and they agreed so I could perform my tests, in the image below is the powered Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, I plugged in a session 4 Go Pro all working as it should be even USB is seen but no transfer take place with Go Pro.

Next camera Fuji Pro 5 2008 model camera images taken in RAF format. 

Sadly the transfer of images came in as jpegs, that be real cool if they came in as RAW format images. Has anyone over come this issue please comment.

What I did not try was a none powered hard drive, this might work as power is available with the USB adapter from Apple, I asked in the apple shop if the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter would power a portable hard drive ? will a USB stick work ?
Apple said not sure on the portable hard drive but USB stick should be ok, hope someone reading can add a personal view from their own experiences. 
So what method do I use for now until I have a suitable fix ?
Do I use the go pro app ? switch off my wi if, then log into the go pro apps wi if ?
It is a lot of hassle and its so slow a transfer, 4.9 gigs took past an hour and half and some.
However I did find a much quicker and suitable method app “My Wi Fi” 

Transfer video to iPad
2.3 gigs over LAN local area network (your router) transfer was 10 mins per 2.3 gigs from a desk top to a iPad Pro.

Images of under 5 mb’s not worth recording the time, second or so and done.
I personally avoid removing the cards from cameras, such areas of removing a card say in Fuji Pro if the card is replaced incorrectly then the pins will snap and the camera now becomes redundant, little cards like the go pro are just fiddly.
 My Wi Fi” App is free app and works using your LAN 192.168 it is a simple procedure to use. Open “My Wi Fi” app on your iPad look for LAN 192.168. Which is marked in yellow see image above “running http//” 

Type this into the browser on your desk top and your ready to go, drag and drop images, video from desk top to iPad or from iPad to desk top.
You will of course need to have the contents of the Go Pro transferred over to the desk top, I use “image Capture” on Mac OS to transfer the video from the Go Pro over to desk top.
This is not perfect method but is great for areas like ArtRage files in its native format as I can drag drop the file with ease, open it up in the iPad Pro no hitches and then send it back to desk top through the use of the “My Wi Fi” 
Plus you can also use the “My Wi Fi” on your other devices phones etc think of it as airdrop which can be used with mobile tablets, I mention now not all desk tops have the compatible airdrop such as Mac mini 2011 is not compatible with iPad using the airdrop, so again “My Wi Fi” will sort this issue out as well, how cool is that.

Procreate drawing App

What a load of Tosh, today UK trains are not on strike but the trains are not running  due to maintenance work.

But oh no some maintenance work will be disrupted due to high winds in Scotland. (If only the train master could read a synoptic chart)

I like to A think no one paid being on call, or paid double time as it is a day of holiday, I like to see paid by results, like being self employed.

Procreate app rather fun, but you cannot keep open the colour pallet this is annoying.

USB transfer lightning to USB camera adapter.

Can the mac lightning USB camera adapter work with a USB memory stick with an iPad Pro ?

Today I bought a lightning to USB camera adapter, with a view to be able to transfer files across to iPad.

Result, Answer no, I placed some video and RAF plus jpeg files on a 2 gigs USB memory stick once plug in transfer of files was no, requires power, I go back to shop and ask for the powered version of lightning to USB camera adapter.

I was hoping this lightning to USB camera adapter would be able to transfer files over from a simple memory stick to iPad Pro, sadely once home it would appear not, real shame.

It is called a camera adapter after all, I doubt the powered version will be able to perform any better as the powered version I think only charges the iPad only, lightning to USB camera adapter could be improved if it powered the simple USB memory stick so you could be able to transfer video, images etc.

Come on apple can we be a bit more versitile, staff in the shop did not know if lightning to USB camera adapter would work, but we’re very helpful and interested in knowing the results.

Does anyone know what “cruzer edge ” means  and has anyone managed a work around with the USB transfer to iPads ?

Procreate app

I like this drawing app Procreate, brushes very good, one area the pallet remains closed as default unlike ArtRage which can be open or closed, brushes can be added to ArtRage if you desire.

The pencil tool in Procreate wins hands down compared to ArtRage.

However no demo version on Procreate its buy and try, suggest look at ArtRage first.

Another Dredd in Procreate  The brushes are fantastic 

One area that is irritating  in Procreate I not found a way to rotor layers at a later stage, unlike ArtRage which allows you to do at will, resize move etc.

Palette auto hides in Procreate not in ArtRage.

I am the law 

Trump, Judge Dredd and North Korea