Green screening

I have had a green screen bought for me from a friend. (cheers Charlie)

Simon in the video was the first time I had someone that would sit in front of the camera, so I count this as my 1st test run.

I left in the marks on the flyer “Simon” just to show you what happens when you leave creases in the green screen.

Editing in green screen was done in After Effects and I used “mask” to take out the un wanted edges. You can do this in FCpro as in Motion crop Left / Right etc. But I prefer After Effects (AF) as you can add masks quick and you can also move the shape of the mask at each corner to change its shape.

What did i learn? well spur of the moment I ask Simon to be in a video as an experiment – time limited to 1hr and this included set up of screen and bringing it down.

So biggest area of concern is the room size as you really need to be 8 Ft away from the green screen.

What your filming with (NV Panasonic Mini DVD),this has a some what tiny lens so I am at a disadvantage already.

If its just a head shoot your after, a painted background like wood or a wall is much better with some fixed lights. This means you can repeat with ease each time with better results.

If you need to film in your own room it is way better to remove everything with a view not to put it back for a day or two. As setting up areas like lights and so on do require you to move them around quite a bit.

Hiring of a school hall with no natural light coming through windows can help loads more and this is when a portable Green screen like this works well.

For the moment I am having some fun, another idea that I am thinking about. Is a shower curtain pole simple slip the said green screen onto this pole and then extend this said shower curtain pole across the room.

Then no need to set up stands.
Why well the main room I film in is 8ft by 6ft 9inches !


Brightons Clouds speeded up

Video shot on a old Panasonic NV GS 180 mini DVD pal V Drift at 60 frames wide angle.

I mixed the two together can you tell the difference ?

Blue screen filming

I have been experimenting with LED lighting for blue screen.

Here are my results.



I read synoptic charts from the monitor. You might notice in the image a Mini DVD camera pointing at the painted blue ply wood.

By pretending the synoptic charts were on the blue plywood.

I did my second forecast of Uk weather this week. The results are not epic but good enough to explore areas on how to improve. To get better results I need to balance out the light in front and the area lit behind.

Also the room is just 6ft by 8 ft to work in, so casting a shadow is much more higher, due to me being on top of everything.

The use of small LED white lights help adjust this problem by there ease of use to move around, while I am sitting in the chair.

Over all a bigger proper lighting system would be best, but needs must and I used what I have at hand.

Leave a comment or ask a question if you like to know more about how it is done.

Programs used are final cut pro and motion – hardware mac mini 2012 model.

Animal made in Zbrush animated and boned in Lightwave.

I made the animal in Zbrush and the Mushrooms and then took these into Lightwave and added bones to the animal.

Textures where made in Modeler and later tweaked in Lightwave.

(Lightwave and Modeler are the same program – Modeler is the dressing room and the Lightwave is the Stage show where animation happens.)

I think this is my fourth go at Lightwave.

Loads to learn and moving forwards quickly.

This is the Zbrush model which I saved out as a OBJ a 3 dimensional format.


This is modeled in Lightwave color added.

Textures added Lightwave

You can apply excellent textures in Zbrush and have really good results.

But as of yet I have not understood how to transfer these into Lightwave.

Anyone know do add some comments please.

Rob been drop boxed some bad video to make into a promo to sell holidays

I was sent some video by a client today which arrived in drop box.

Some bad video to make into a promo to sell holidays in Nepal.

Here is what I come up with, feed back is welcome.

Thinking of a trip out to Nepal and some flying with SIV on a course.

Contact John Mitchell from

Watch a typical morning in SIV jam packed with moments.

Your just have to go the temptation is just too much.

The view from above.

More images on this page.