LumaFusion 1.7 coming soon.


Video editing Lumafusion update big and loads of extras.


LumaFusion Video editor

Fun example  video editing in Lumafusion.

No Sound in Final Cut Pro on iPad Pro ?

Using a remote Chrome with final cut the sound does not come out of the iPad pro.

Chrome appears to be slow, I have not tried Astropad standard app, but from what I have read of other peoples experiences the speed appears to be fast, if you have used Astropad standard using say Final Cut I would like to hear more please.


Chrome Remote Desktop.

The application chrome remote was suggested by Apple Store as a possible fix it for my question can I have desk top on my iPad.

Not as a second screen but as a walk about screen using wi if ‘ early days but appears to work, but again no sound from final cut.

I literally used it for about 20 mins, a bit of a pain to set up to be honest. Probably user error, but have managed to use photoshop, dream weaver and final cut.

Clubbing not too bad on wi if in the home, next test would be in another location.

I think the issue of once I close tablet and walk off to new location might have some issues in reconnecting to desk,top were have to wait and see.

Also not quite sure how secure this is as I suspect all images data etc passing through google chrome which is what happens with splashtop remote app.

In my home I wish data transfer through the wi if router to work back and fourth like LAN (local area network) and not into a third party and back, which is what splashtop app does. Unsure re chrome remote.

Last thought the scaling appears to function well in desk top remote so all appears neat and tidy, pinch and zoom works and the pen works well in photoshop when choosing files layers better than say your fingers. This way using the pen removes the need for zooming in and out.
It would be nicer if mac would pre install an app to work hand in hand with desk top and iPad as a remote screen running programs like coding like netbeams a free app for html.

As wi if is becoming faster and more available having the choice to be some other place other than the office, say local park is more appealing than sitting in front of a desk top screen.

Well it is like the cloud really desk top acts like the cloud, tablet just interfaces with the desk top, I can see everyone working this way in the near future. A bit like say driverless cars the days of driving parking stress will soon be in the past. Your children growing up will probably never need to sit a driving test, all those lorry drivers, taxi drivers will be redundant for new ways and ideas, as will the desk top in its present use.

Animation Pro by Steve Keen.

I will write a more in depth review on this app once I have learnt all of her tricks, for now a quick basic cover.

The application is an animation program, un like other apps, this is an professional program, the down sides are with proper programs you need to go through a steep learning curve.

The up side are once learnt you will be able to produce professional products including lip syncing.

After a week of playing around with Animation Pro I have taught myself the basics, example here,

Pussy cat

Their is a very good selection of support in the format of text and video to help you through the learning process.

How to import PTG ArtRage files into an iPad ?

Well you could upload your PTG files these will retain all your layers PTG is like PSD of Photoshop – upload is to drop box, if we say large file  X 2 at 498 mb’s seemed to take a long time and then your have to download the PTG file at the other end IE your iPad, the one sitting next to you in the same room as the desktop.

Once upload is complete, open Artrage top right press + and import the files from Drop Box this will of course say are you Sure ! as it will take some time to download the 498 mb’s.

Another way to bring a Artrage PTG file is to use and not my favourite program, iTunes.

Simply connect your iPad pro hard wire them together, open iTunes look for the Artrage in iTunes select this and look over to the right and your see the folder column.

I just dragged the files over and hit done, open iPad, open ArtRage and ask to import the files.

Job done or is it ?



 iPad canvas works with  2048 x 2048 pixels, and iPad Pro 12.9″ canvases  to 4096 x 4096 pixels max. So now were have to resize the ArtRage file repeat import procedure.

Drag and drop files into iTunes – I like drag drop easy 321 done.


Now in ArtRage top right press + go / import image


Import from iTunes


Select which folder, I have made folder called this “Imported” – Notice file name is retained yum now that is so so cool. Generally on a £29 SD card reader iPad Pro will only read 8 characters no less no more in RAF, Jpeg and .mov but something like “_DSF6245.RAF”

So you could not have say “Bettle” it would of course be great if the file PTG could be brought in through the SD card reader.

So much quicker, however iPad file structure not working this way it would require some software editing at Apple’s end, hint hint 🙂

Anyway for now iTunes does the job, now I can get on with the editing in ArtRage on the iPad.

Wow its beer o’clock time where did the day go.


Can you edit a picture into a animation on an iPad pro ?

Well I have set myself a task today the idea has been burning away inside my head, the idea to draw, animate on the iPad pro, is this possible ?

Task is to take a picture I have drawn with Artrage and then animate the characters. This part will be done on the iPad pro.

Time to research the apps – So far I have found Plastic which allows you to place bones into the figure like Lightwave 3 D program.

Iyan 3D allows a simple tracking of the camera not un like After Effects, however I not able to understand the upgrade in this app as it requests you to give access to your twitter face book or you tube account and allow them to make posts. Yes that will never happen of course what person would allow someone to do that, um but you can export at 240 PX frame size.

Then their is Cute Cut Pro a little favourite of mine as it has more than one time line ! I do a review on that later.

For now here is the image I drew  on a desk top environment, mac mini with a Wacom tablet.

The idea is to have the Judge animated and fire his gun with the lady also doing a probable slow motion with bullets coming out in slow motion and then speed the bullets up.

The solar sail will move past in the back ground and i will of course need sound effects, this is probably going to be the most difficult part to reproduce myself.

Be sure to subscribe and see how I progress with the idea i probably make a on line tutorial video to go with the little animated sketch.


Here is what I came up with on the animation with Cute Cut Pro, Procreate, Plastic and iMovie all done on a iPad pro. Mad as it is I rather enjoyed the learning experience.

Skype Calling 0800 

How much does it cost to call 0800 numbers using Skype ?

Well I needed to contacted the mortgage company today using Skype i used an iPhone.

I have screen grabbed the amount of money on my Skype account, after 18 minutes call to the mortgage company. (image below)

Progress with the mortgage application moved forwards like a Tortoises swimming through treacle that’s fast for them.

Skype call however very good, plugged in the head phones to iPhone, made a call from Skype pressed option 1 to talk with the department dealing with application.

Chatted away while I prepared a Chilli for tonights supper over wi fi, well mobile signal here terrible at best, but the Chilli superb 🙂

So in the image below the number £3.76 remains the same after a 18 minutes Skype call. This is great as the mobile phone signal here is well one bar at best provided your pressed firmly against the window with a barometric pressure below 1030 bars.

So Skype method for calling is perfect for moving around the home with the phone in my pocket with head phones on.

This is also an alternative to weak mobile signal issues such as EE, 3 G,  Vodafone mobile boosters signal issues which at best will give voice only and not data coverage.

So thumbs up for making a land line telephone call using  Skype  calling a friend on landline or insurance broker for a quote is only going to cost you a 1.8 pence per minute. (might be a connection charge with Skype do check)

It is interesting we appear to be moving away from making a voice call these days to data only such as whats app, face book post a message this way we can chat to many people without the need to speak ! is this a good thing I wonder ?

So next time you have unlimited texts and 500 minutes offer, maybe have a think about this, I cannot remember the last time I texted someone thats so 90’s and to actually talk with a person that would be to book a doctor or dentist appointment.

Data plans have fallen to around £7.50 to £10.00 per month pay as you go which is a simple connection to make a data call or browse the web.

Which data plan without a phone included do you recommend ? please include which country your in, currently Jakarta 3 Gigs for £7.50 pay as you go.

Chatted to a friend yesterday working over in Jakarta using their mobile phone. We spoke using Whats App,  maybe the days of voice calls are soon to become the dinosaur of yesterday, wow sales people your out of a job no more cold calling me the land line soon to be un plugged peace at last.

Last thought fibre to the actual house do you know what speed you can achieve ? Well i am told 300 mb’s so why are you paying £30 a month for throttled back 75 mb’s which will appear as 35 mb’s once it has made its way from exchange down that copper cable to your home.

Send me your data so i can make a UK map of speeds please the true WiFi speeds 


Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

I gone and bought a SD card reader from Apple stores, after one week here are my thoughts.

Aims where to take .mov, PSD, Jpeg’s RAW files from desktop drag and drop to the iPad Pro, so does the SD card reader from Apple do its job ?

Example screen grabs will help explain some areas which I feel are important to your needs before purchase.

First off what you need  is a fast SD card, I then put SD card into the  SD adapter, then plugged this into the mac mini SD reader or PC SD reader make a folder on the SD CARD call it DCIM.

Now transfer the contents of .mov and jpegs over to the SD card, eject SD card from desktop,  take SD card slot this into the Lighting SD reader from Apple, we are on an iPad Pro 12 inch purpose speeds will be same as USB 3 brilliant. From the list below which do you think would show and be able to transfer over ?


The answer is none ! why could this be we ask ourselves? I try again go through the above procedure with the SD card I sense this could be a annoying learning curve. I reach under table plug in SD card drag files eject SD card reach under table pull out SD card insert SD reader.

Below screen grabs of video files “waves123” I put the file “waves13” into the SD card plug into the iPad pro “waves123” does not appear on the iPad pro with SD card, um could it be Codecs Apple Pro Res 422 not compatible ? I now convert with Quick time into a 720p QT format does this work nope nothing showing.

At this rate I will be wearing out the card from so much plugging in and out, I do like to resolve a problem but what can the answer be I wonder?


Pro Res.png

Stab in the dark I try PNG called kirkamijpegor.png

This does not work, Kirk mad with rage come on bleeding work.


I will try a jpeg file now this is bound to work we hope it has to answer no. Ok format card un plug start again, theirs no point in repeating the exercise.

Recap I wish for to be able to take files of jpeg and .mov over to iPad pro, cloud no good, we are on copper cable, upload takes forever on files of 8 gigs, hence the SD card reader purchase with an iPad pro USB 3 speed transfer.

Judge Dredd.png

So let me think it through SD card sold to me in Apple shop purpose to transport video from GoPro to card then into iPad Pro, I shot a Go Pro video file name is GOPR0514.MP4 and this does work. Why I wonder as in the first image above at the start of these questions the screen capture you can see GOPRO0252.MP4 and this did not show on the iPad Pro. I start again delete all but the file GOPR0514.MP4 and this time it works.


Time to try a little experiment below apple I on key board brings up the info we see and a rename this 12345678 I made the drag drop to SD card one file at a time then put into the iPad Pro and guess what the does not work.

If I rename the files with a character of 8 (12345678) it works ! So great but not great soon as I look for a file on my desk top say Mount Fuji which was named originaly  “_DSF8610.RAF” I not be able to transfer the file or movies over using the SD card to the iPad not so Pro as “Mount Fuji.jpeg” not 8 characters and therefor will not be seen or heard by the iPad Pro’s app photo’s


You would have to rename the files with an 8 character of no meaning like the one you were given in the first place on the said camera etc, imagine if all your photos movies had no title other than 12345678 how would you ever find the one your were looking for? If you went to the library and said I like a book title 12345678 which is actually  Robinson Crusoe do you think you could ever locate the book this way?

App  WiFiTransfer will be slower but you would not need to rename any files you just drag and drop to and from desk top to iPad and back again if you so wish.


If someone found a way around the issue do let me know, but for now if you use a camera or Go Pro all files are in 8 characters therefor transfer to iPad not an issue. For those with fast broad band use the cloud or drop box.  Lighting SD card camera reader with iPad is a one way ticket provided you have a 8 character file so do not rename holidays in Spain 2017 as iPad will see you in hell before it ever see the images on the Pro iPad then again any laptop will read the files without any issues and with any names which you desire.

I like to think Apple would resolve the issues the way I feel is an Operating system which can see read files with a name of your choosing is quite useful and an iPad with Pen at £1169 no case included should with a title Pro be able to resolve a little simple tiny issue of transferring files over PLEASE do not say the cloud, I have been told this over and over again by Apple staff I think now all Apple staff have access to high speed fibre in store. Next time I am in Nepal I hope to meet an Apple staff member and ask may I use your cloud sir to upload my 10 GB’s of ever so small RAW files, below image of upload and down load speeds in the city Kathmandu.

Kathmandu 1.2 Mbps 1.2 Mbps

The average broadband speed in the UK has reached 22.8Mbps as a third of all internet connections are now 30Mbps or higher. However, upload speeds continue to lag behind with an average that still fails to pass 3Mbps.

Wow third world upload UK internet speed not far behind Nepal.

For an upload of say 7Gb’s recording from a GoPro will take you around 16 hrs ! using an average 1 Mbps provided you do not leave the WiFi hot spot.

Link here for calculator of how long it takes to upload to Cloud Drop box etc remember if files are say 7GB but lots of images not a lump sized block add in another 1 hour.

GoPro 1080p 60fps  3.65 GB equals about 17 minutes of video wow its only going to get bigger in file sizes where as in UK upload way behind at a snails pace in fact. But then again you can always transfer large files over with a SD card from Apple provided you do not rename the files.


EE G4 speed down load and upload in Brighton.

App SpeedTest

Ever thought of replacing your land line broad band user with mobile a data plan?

Maybe your in a 6 months rental apartment so a good way to remove these obstacles is to move to a mobile data plan right ?  Tests below are not accurate just general observation on the Brighton coast line. I was considering moving away from land line to mobile and with the G4 network out their you cannot go wrong in a city like Brighton or could you ?

Image below shows download speed 26.74 Mbps and upload speed 15.49 Mbps location sitting on a bench 100 ft east of Hove Deep Sea Anglers Club near Hove Lagoon.

Barometric pressure 1038 mill bars on January 18th 2017 (Note first image has a Hotspot  activation no activity at time of test)


Next image Kemptown Brighton Marina Parade on the promenade above Volk’s Night Club.

17th of January 2017 barometric pressure 1038 mill bars.

Download speed super slow 5.20 Mbps and 15.69 Mbps upload, the location mask I have been informed is in Ship Street Brighton. This is very close to the location Marina Parade Volk’s Nightclub but single strength is very weak at 3 bars, I have also tried top floor in Royal Sussex  hospital same signal strength.

As soon as I go down a street in Kemptown area signal strength drops to around 2. The question I am asking is how can the mobile company’s boost the signal strength as once inside an old building your lucky if you can receive a 1 bar signal strength and therefor rendering the use of a 4 G as a practical option to say a land line broad band. Or has anyone found a way to boost the signal strength in their homes?


How to Transfer Video Images from iPad to Desktop?

I have been looking at ways to transfer video images easily can it be ? Maybe I use Cloud ? Nope copper cable here, why would I wish to walk to a field with a cow in and milk the cow to walk back home again, to make the coffee too much upload and download going on, heat from servers causing environmentally impact.

What ever happened to drag and drop this came about in the 90’s it is no big deal.

How about iTunes even writing that word makes me cringe i start to convulse is it just me ? If I could plug play drag drop make a choice of where I wish to place pictures, video I be happy.

Small video intro on a desktop, video on a USB  stick etc  I like to do a simple drag and drop ABC 123.  iTunes face north during the months of March wait until the full moon is available without cloud cover in the northern hemisphere and your in with a chance maybe. I really do not get on with the program iTunes, all i am wishing to achieve is move images/video to another device drag and drop.

So what is the answer to the solution?  avoid iTunes unless you are looking to move a movie from desktop to a video folder on iPad. So how can you do the simple drag and drop and I mean both ways their and back. Were not talking going to Mars on a one way mission sometimes it can feel like this when using a computer. We are looking for simple ease of use, it is called WiFi Transfer  this little application not that difficult to use but the LAN local area network will change IP address 192.168.05:80 the last part .05:80 might change from time to time causing some issues for some people, do not worry if you have a question ask and I make a video to explain how the app works.

WiFi speed on transferring a 4 Gigs of video was about 10 minutes not fast but ok, this video arrived in Photo application on the iPad ready for editing in iMovie.

Image below of desktop view in safari browser using IP address LAN (Local area network)

Lightning to SD Card Camera Readerwifi-transferImage below of iPhone mobile device working through WiFi quicker than airdrop for images on speed I sense. Desktop pre 2011 mac your not able to airdrop on mobile devices as it is not compatible until 2012 onwards with airdrop to iPads etc.

WiFi Transfer  easy as this drag and drop well not quite you tap the image when your done tap done and the images will appear on your desktop or the other way round desktop to iPad.


What is the best app for drawing ?

Well  your never ever find one ! oh no how can this be ?

Using a Wacom Tablet and Wacom Pen for years now Art rage is the best desktop experience for me.

Nothing replaces the pencil and paper method no batteries required just enough light to work with and it is also so portable no charging required what a bore no charging a drawing pen, in fact if you get bored with the pen.

Buy another go for it what the hell buy a nice chubby pencil get what you like the feel and balance of, change the pen when you like, the choice is yours when you decide.

Import your drawn picture into a PC/ Mac no worries scanner good enough, take a picture with  a camera or phone, you can then import into a digital environment, all you really need is a shoulder bag to carry your paper pad and pencils and your off.

But a Wacom tablet, Apple pen etc are not cheap they are all require to be charged except Wacom desk top version pen. And the biggest bear bug you have to decide on size this I feel restricts your imagination. When you decide upon say a painting on a canvas I think about the image and then cut wood or buy a canvas to suit the size I like.

With the digital environment Apple Pen no buttons, with Wacom you can set the buttons to undo and many more options they even have a mixture of nibs in the Ink pot as well, eraser at the other end, rubber grips as standard.

However over time everything changes, Procreate App, Art Rage App, Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, Medbang Paint, MangaName and paper 53 wow the list is endless.

None of the above apps will improve your ideas, they come from your very own creative thoughts.

Apps do not make ideas, but having something to put ideas to screen in a digital world is quite exciting it is so easy to achieve and fun what is the best application for you ?

Well this depends upon what it is you wish to achieve, vector drawing ? fun drawings ?

But remember one area paint onto a canvas your have a more valuable painting an original. Digital not the same value as you do not have the original painting, well that is how some people would see this method.

Just thinking about that for a moment Digital or Canvas an original painting on a cave 40 millions of years ago or graffiti on a wall we see this image and think about this, would a dog or a cat walking down the street look across the road and say wow what a wonderful dog/ cat advert I really like that food? No to my knowledge only a human can interpret this thought and then put a value upon the item.

Digital method your need to decide are you sending the art work to a desk top and back to tablet environment?

If you wish to do this then do consider first research the program for an example Art rage allows with ease file transfer to and from iPad Pro to desk top it also I believe a lite version to try.

The file structure of the iPad is not the same as a desk top and often enough I found programs not compatible and your need to consider costs, one program for desk top and one for tablet.

As I mention above the application Art Rage works with ease the file format supported. I have used the WiFi Transfer program to transfer the art rage file which is supported on the iPad Pro making this a great  application.

Procreate application 

Is a great app but I not found it so compatible by this look for  a desk top application Procreate?

The export is in many formats PSD etc so you could if you like export to desk top and work in say photoshop but I am unsure if you can then send the file back to an iPad and work in Procreate application.

One useful tiny important part of information you have to buy Procreate to try, why and who thought of this idea, if I buy a pint in a pub it is not uncommon to ask for a small sample before buying a pint.

The only similarities are a pint is slightly more expensive than Procreate !

My view on ArtRage or Procreate for drawing ?

I say buy both application their be under a £10 or 11.03 euros, the ArtRage I used for a long time now on desk top and I am glad to say some of the areas I use are supported in the app for iPad pro. These areas are for layers moving them around think of Photoshop maybe your putting together some images this could be from the web you cut out the back ground of the selceted image I use PhotoShop Mix   you then can arrange the said images as you like drag resize on their individual layers.

In Procreate might be me but moving layers about not very easy. I have used Procreate for a period of three weeks now so could be suer error and lacking in knowledge.

What Procreate does offer over ArtRage is large selection of brushes for drawing I do like the pencil in Procreate but I do like the Ink Pen in ArtRage. Desk top version of ArtRage you can make your own brushes and I have yet to try and import the ones I have made in ArtRage desktop to the iPad ArtRage and see if they work.

The Procreate interface is simple and this is refreshing to me, but at times I wish I could have a floating palette with the colours i like, just like when I paint on a canvas.

The issues here are iPad pro small screen, A2 canvas and a palette loads of space and some. Remember I started off with.

What is the best app for drawing ?

Well  your never ever find one !

Really it is down to the requirements of the user, iPad pro and pen costs about the same as a Surface Pro the surface pro pen lasts one year, comes with 8 gigs of ram and has an Operating system built in. (Wake up time on Surface Pro is steam engine time where as iPads is now, when drawing you put the tablet down pick it up, I prefer response time now.) However the iPad Pro has a terrible operating system.

Example how will I get a file into Photos on the iPad ? Can i rename the file and place the file in a folder of my choice ?

Answer no no no it drives me insane and I am not interested into the reasons why, I do not wish to here another mac sales person say use the cloud, the cloud has hit SALR saturation Anabatic laps rate,  iPad pro operating system compare this to a desk top Mac and your be dissapointed the file structure way better on the desk top.

Surface pro has in my view better value for your buck that is if you plan to do more than draw.


A3 paper pad and pencils under £25 quid I personally go for what you can afford and enjoy the experience just experiment. Life is to be enjoyed and art should be set to your personal experiences and not set by monetary  issues.

Drawing with iPad Pro and apple pen

Image of Lola drawn on iPad Pro with apple pen in application ArtRage.

This my first image drawn on iPad Pro with apple pen, I found the experience rather fun, listening to the pod cast “The Martian” which was very nice coming out of the four speakers included on iPad Pro.

The portability of the iPad Pro great experience and the drawing app ArtRage allows user to rotate the image zoom in, I would use a Wacom tablet on desktop PC for general use of drawing sketches etc.
So this new method of drawing on a tablet directly feels superb is my first impression.
Before purchasing the iPad Pro and pen, I had been given a iPad mini and used it for drawing with a rubber stick, the pressure sensitivity is one level with the rubber stick, the accuracy and delay time are poor.

However still good fun, here is an example again using ArtRage drawing app £2.99 bargin with a £1.00 rubber stick (up side no batteries needed) using an iPad mini one.

Image above Judge Dredd drawn with £1.00 rubber pen on an iPad mini one, rubber pen requires zero batteries cool.

So what do you get for your money with an iPad Pro and apple pen ? 

First off it is not as precise as a Wacom tablet and pen, the Wacom pen never needs charging, Wacom pen comes with ink pot and includes many direct types of nibs.

The newer Wacom tablets are superb in feel to your hands, the pen has two function buttons as standard, has a eraser on top, the pen also feels nicer more grippy, oh and they make drawing tablets and pens for ever.

So why an iPad and apple pen ?

Well the recent trip I made to north Japan Sapporo and the iPad mini I was given led me into the trap 🙂 of looking into a big iPad.
In Japan stores you except to find a floor of Wacom tablets to play with and another area of say iPads so your in control using the kit, it is nothing like walking into the apple shop in uk or USA, I write about that experience another time. Quickly you can sense what is important to you and your needs, such as windows on a Wacom tablet not a problem, Mac OS big issue, not happening, why ? But by having the items in front of you and experiencing the kit in one place your able to decide what will function best for your needs. In the U.K. It is about 5 hrs one way to try out the new Wacom tablets, um not happening then, in Brighton where I live I see none in stores etc and Brighton is an arty place, yet none in shops, why not ? mac man shop in Brighton offers by far the best advise and has knowledgeable levels experience to be able to answer your queries. URL link
The whole experience of editing video on the move drawing simple ideas made me think, this iPad mini fits into my jacket pocket how cool is that edit away on the tube, plane, sitting on the bus in the park on the beach and continue at home.
I felt free from the confinement of an office which has zero stimulus for any imagination and before I knew it a customer treated me to an iPad Pro and apple pen.
I am over the moon with pleasure at such a gift, how does the iPad Pro and pen compare to Wacom tablet experience ? out of a hundred percent the iPad Pro is 88 % over the desk top Wacom tablet for levels of quality, Wacom being 100%, however the portable tablet experience for me wins hands down for the purpose of drawing, don’t forget you can wi if the ArtRage file to the desktop for a bigger screen experience.
I will keep adding contents of experiences I have using the iPad Pro and apple pen and useful applications which I have found beneficial to lack of importing and exporting from desk top their and back, Go Pro how to get the files into imovie direct from camera, with other works around.
So be sure to subscribe and ask questions, after all making a choice on a purchase like this is probably taking time to think it through carefully.
Example of this might be say Microsoft surface did I mention this is an all in one operating windows system with a pen that lasts on average one year !
Wow now compare that to iPad and apps which are not real applications their well watered down wine with little performance except for a few.
I leave you for now with the Sweeney on Brighton sea front Madeira drive outside bikes cafe.

12th December 2016

William Grindecobbe and the pheasants revolt 

I was listening to an audio pod cast recently which I often do when painting, this gives me new directions at times, this audio pod cast by Juliet Barker Author of the Peasants Revolt on “History Extra Podcast”. I had listen to this pod cast while flying over to north Japan, while staring out the window over a 15 hr flight, I could have done with the iPad Pro and Apple pen then, the flight would have probably flown by. So this idea of William Grindecobbe has been sitting in my head, so I thought why not draw the idea on my new iPad Pro see where it goes.
The story is all about a Mr William Grindecobbe who during the time of the peasants’ revolt decided to make a stand which then made his life hell, it is an interesting story and I suggest you listen to the whole pod cast.

In the picture below is a path filled with round objects these are hand mills, the monks have put them back into the path leading up to the Abbey this suggests a dominance stance of defiance against the local people, let me explain more.

St Albans is a city in Hertfordshire, England, where this all took place, the hand mills where allowed for home use of which the purpose was for hand corn for your own personal use at home, but in St Albans the hand mills were taken to the abbey and set down as a path so they the monks could walk up and down on the path to show they were in charge.

A man called William Grindecobbe was a wealthy man he had his land taken by the abbey, he had an argument with the monks, which the monks then stripped William Grindecobbe naked and walk him through the streets naked to the abbey.

After William Grindecobbe went and joined the revolt, William went to Mile End where he meet Richard the Second and knelt six times and ask for the freedom of the town, Richard was granted this request with an added document setting all towns people free.
William went back to St Albans to see the abbot, the hand mills were all dug up and were given back to the towns people.

During this event no one was hurt or killed, but the Abbot of St Albans had a friend high up, called Chief Justice Prisslilian, a hanging judge of the first order.

Chief Justice came to St Albans, he made an example of William Grindecobbe and 14 fellow towns men, they were made an example of, this the Chief Justice did by hanging them in the fields nearby.

The hand mills were taken back and reburied in the abbey! The 14 towns people and William Grindecobbe were hung from the trees until they became rotten, someone in the town took pity on William Grindecobbe and the 14 towns people that they took down their bodies and buried them with some dignity.

The Abbot said no and went to Richard the Second ask for written permission to have William Grindecobbe and the 14 other towns people’s bodies dug up and re hung in chains so as to prevent anyone else removing their bodies again.

Queen Ann later requested their bodies be buried decently. What struck me most by this story that Juliet Barker tells us, is how frustrating it must have been for both parties, also how restrained the towns people were. I would have thought William Grindecobbe must have been bent double in frustration at the start, but found a solution after being stripped naked and walked through the town up to the abbey.

Then only later to have had all the hand mills dug back up and put into the Abbey’s path, and then to add further insult to be hung, I call it murder by power.

So I have drawn William Grindecobbe bent over backwards and the Abbey monk stamping down the hand mills back into the Abbey’s path. A path of injustice authority under the banner corruption of power.

I do not know if the 14 towns people and William Grindecobbe were ever given a pardon by our UK Government or royal family, I like to think they have.

The story is sad, but a touching one, were common sense is over ridden by men with small minds who fear and use this authority to extend their control over others. Doing the right think is sometimes the hardest thing to achieve in our life’s.


Drawn with iPad Pro and pen in app ArtRage.

What is in the box ?

iPad Pro and a charger, the only difference between other iPads I think I am correct in saying is your new iPad Pro will come with a lengthy cable of around 4 feet. The actual charger a little big for my liking, more like the size and shape of the first USB charger apple introduced some years back, I have read the charge time is around 4 hrs to fully charge iPad Pro. Other people have commented about the charger, suggesting it should have been more powerful, as the iPad Pro battery bigger, their is a fast charger claiming from a fully drained iPad Pro battery to have charged the iPad Pro largest 12.9 inch to a 29 % in 20 minutes ! where as the charger that comes with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 20 minutes will give you 11% total charge.
For me it is not an issue, generally I charge once off to bed and all is good to go the next morning, this charge will last the whole day plus 4 hrs of drawing.

The case I decided upon was expensive 

Is the case worth the price ?
Well this case I have seen on line at a fraction of the cost that Apple shop charged, but cannot comment on the quality, I would think it be really helpful if others could post comments as I feel the case I was given so expensive I nearly took the items back to the mac shop.
This was a gift for me, the person recommended this case, so I could hardly say no, so it was bought in the Apple Store, but i felt uncomfortable about the high price of the case. Example of alternatives iPad cases are “iPad Pro Case, JETech iPad Pro Slim-Fit Smart Case Cover for Apple 12.9 Inch iPad Pro 2015 ”
Cover magnetic, easy to detach or make into a stand very suitable for drawing, bottom case is very nice feel in my hands and feels very right with a soft rubber feel, which appears not to make your hands sweat, also case holds the iPad Pro firmly in place and will not pop out unexpectedly.

How to transfer video and images from iPad Pro to desk top PC, Go Pro video over to iPad Pro for editing in iMovie and Cute Cut ?

A couple of quick points, first off iPad Pro 12 inch lightning port is as quick as USB 3 ! This was one of the reasons why I decided on the 12 inch version iPad over the other iPads.
Now in a apple shop, I asked if I can try before buy, little chit chat and they agreed so I could perform my tests, in the image below is the powered Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, I plugged in a session 4 Go Pro all working as it should be even USB is seen but no transfer take place with Go Pro.

Next camera Fuji Pro 5 2008 model camera images taken in RAF format.
Sadly the transfer of images came in as jpegs, that be real cool if they came in as RAW format images. Has anyone over come this issue please comment.
What I did not try was a none powered hard drive, this might work as power is available with the USB adapter from Apple, I asked in the apple shop if the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter would power a portable hard drive ? will a USB stick work ?

Apple said not sure on the portable hard drive but USB stick should be ok, hope someone reading can add a personal view from their own experiences.

So what method do I use for now until I have a suitable fix ?

Do I use the go pro app ? switch off my wi if, then log into the go pro apps wi if ?

It is a lot of hassle and its so slow a transfer, 4.9 gigs took past an hour and half and some.

However I did find a much quicker and suitable method app “My Wi Fi”

Transfer video to iPad

2.3 gigs over LAN local area network (your router) transfer was 10 mins per 2.3 gigs from a desk top to a iPad Pro.
Images of under 5 mb’s not worth recording the time, second or so and done.

I personally avoid removing the cards from cameras, such areas of removing a card say in Fuji Pro if the card is replaced incorrectly then the pins will snap and the camera now becomes redundant, little cards like the go pro are just fiddly.

My Wi Fi” App is free app and works using your LAN 192.168 it is a simple procedure to use. Open “My Wi Fi” app on your iPad look for LAN 192.168. Which is marked in yellow see image above “running http//”
Type this into the browser on your desk top and your ready to go, drag and drop images, video from desk top to iPad or from iPad to desk top.

You will of course need to have the contents of the Go Pro transferred over to the desk top, I use “image Capture” on Mac OS to transfer the video from the Go Pro over to desk top.

This is not perfect method but is great for areas like ArtRage files in its native format as I can drag drop the file with ease, open it up in the iPad Pro no hitches and then send it back to desk top through the use of the “My Wi Fi”

Plus you can also use the “My Wi Fi” on your other devices phones etc think of it as airdrop which can be used with mobile tablets, I mention now not all desk tops have the compatible airdrop such as Mac mini 2011 is not compatible with iPad using the airdrop, so again “My Wi Fi” will sort this issue out as well, how cool is that.

Procreate drawing App
What a load of Tosh, today UK trains are not on strike but the trains are not running due to maintenance work.
But oh no some maintenance work will be disrupted due to high winds in Scotland. (If only the train master could read a synoptic chart)

Procreate app rather fun, but you cannot keep open the colour pallet this is annoying.

USB transfer lightning to USB camera adapter.
Can the mac lightning USB camera adapter work with a USB memory stick with an iPad Pro ?
Today I bought a lightning to USB camera adapter, with a view to be able to transfer files across to iPad.
Result, Answer no, I placed some video and RAF plus jpeg files on a 2 gigs USB memory stick once plug in transfer of files was no, requires power, I go back to shop and ask for the powered version of lightning to USB camera adapter.
I was hoping this lightning to USB camera adapter would be able to transfer files over from a simple memory stick to iPad Pro, sadely once home it would appear not, real shame.
It is called a camera adapter after all, I doubt the powered version will be able to perform any better as the powered version I think only charges the iPad only, lightning to USB camera adapter could be improved if it powered the simple USB memory stick so you could be able to transfer video, images etc.
Come on apple can we be a bit more versitile, staff in the shop did not know if lightning to USB camera adapter would work, but we’re very helpful and interested in knowing the results.
Does anyone know what “cruzer edge ” means and has anyone managed a work around with the USB transfer to iPads ?

Procreate app
I like this drawing app Procreate, brushes very good, one area the pallet remains closed as default unlike ArtRage which can be open or closed, brushes can be added to ArtRage if you desire.
The pencil tool in Procreate wins hands down compared to ArtRage.
However no demo version on Procreate its buy and try, suggest look at ArtRage first.

Another Dredd in Procreate The brushes are fantastic 
One area that is irritating in Procreate I not found a way to rotor layers at a later stage, unlike ArtRage which allows you to do at will, resize move etc.
Palette auto hides in Procreate not in ArtRage.

I am the law 
Trump, Judge Dredd and North Korea
1: Jango Radio

Is a streaming radio which provides you the listener the ability to customized your favorite music and individual songs.

All you require is broad band/wi fi with a device like a Mac/Pc/Itouch/ Android device.

I have used this App Jango Radio for a few days now.

I connected the said Itouch to my main amplifier in the front room with some big speakers and over all i am impressed with the quality.

I also removed my phono jack from my computer and connected straight into the Itouch and play straight through these speakers.

For a mobile music center this is a must app, when I used apps like Spotify your be used to the adds being played. With Jango Radio your not have adverts.

The choices available are the normal method of selection. But I did like on the Itouch you can add artists with a Thumbs up icon.

Which will then add more from this artist to be played if you choose to do so.


Apple App store Itunes link here

History of about Jango link here

I tried a group I like “Mar Keys” they used this in the theme tune for the BBC 2 comedy “Bottom” and the tune came up straight away.

2: CatchUp TV

Watching TV on your Itouch / Iphone / Laptop.

So long as you have a wi fi connection you can view.

Only live TV for now maybe in the future download might be possible.

48 channels to choose fromMain site for catuptv here


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