Radio and Old Mobile Phones

What do you use your mobile phone for ?

Texting ? emailing ? how many times do you actually pick the mobile up and talk as it was first intended to be use as.

Do you have an old mobile phone ?

Or do you just use wi fi internet radio ?

I was chating with my friend about the wi fi internet radio using apps on mobile devices.

He mention he found the internet often dropped out during programs, I agreed, I tried loads of apps and all appear to drop the program for a few moments, I had thought it was just me or the location.

I mention to my friend I have now gone back to traditional radio FM, using my old flip phone which has radio, plus an option to record live to memory card.

The flip phone also has blue tooth to play out on a blue tooth speaker or cable to a hi fi or external speaker.

Infact it is very portable radio, light and long life battery which I can charge on most laptops and wall chargers.

Cost nothing I found the old flip phone in my draw.

Flip Phone


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