House Prices set to rise, who will gain ?

Having a home is it a good thing in life?

I have been talking with a person next door, where I live in Brighton, they have managed to sell there one bed for 220k !

They can now move out of Brighton and into the country where they bought a 525 k house.

It all sounds mad to me, if your home is more than the average income how can you have someone move in, such as a first time buyer ?

Does the average person in Brighton earn say 60k plus? So they can buy a one bed flat in Brighton ?

So people in Uk are very proud to say there house is worth this amount or that amount, I have bought my own home.

However I attach nothing more than it is a place to put my head down at night.

The only people that will make any money is the person lending the money to buy the home in the first place. Prices are too high and I personally think these prices will have an bigger impact upon society than we think.

I have spoken to younger people of which have expressed why bother saving for a home it is not within my grasp in the Uk, these are people working on an oil platform with good jobs.

Others in retail have expressed the same views, so people are looking to go else where with the sun and climate, far better in other parts of the world, with no fixed mortgages I personally think they have the right idea.

Travel and work abroad and move out of the Uk might be the better way to go,  driving a divid in the community as the only people buying here will be investors.

African Queen house boat
Rose: We get a mortgage. Charlie: We can’t do that! Rose: How do you know? You never tired it. Charlie: Well, yeah, but I never tried shooting myself in the head either. Rose: So we have to stay on the house boat then? Average house prices predicted to rise 3.5% in 2015.…

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