Blade Runner Painting

End of summer and my busy job teaching people to fly is now slowing down as we approach into Autumn, so more time to get back in to drawing and painting. I not drawn or painted since April just made many a movie which you can visit and see here

So I am lucky and happy to get back to drawing so much more relaxing than my other job 🙂 But I love both.

I sold the last of my Judge Dredd images, so I thought I paint the Blade Runner as I watch the film and do like the scene.

The scene for me says hope is in the hands of engineered Replicant Rutger that has no hope to continue to live, at first they take life as there intent as an engineered Replicant  is to take the life of the Blade Runner but then they see what life is all about and the value it contains. And in that moment save the life of the Blade Runner, leaving him very confused about right and wrongs.

Rick Deckard the Blade Runner and his engineered Replicant head North and live out there lives together ? Who knows no part 2 as of yet.

For now I sketch out the rough outlines and then add colour to see what I come up with.

Blade Runner on wood
Blade Runner on wood

Blade Runner


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