How we watch TV these days ?

I never been a big fan of TV with Adverts – They are there to sponsor the programs of course, without this there would be no TV as the cost has to be generated from somewhere. But I do dislike the increased in loudness from say a film into a something I have little interested in purchasing from the said advert. Maybe its just me and the adverts are wasted upon my eyes and ears.

Normally I go next door and switch the sound off and by the time I come back to the tv the ads have ended and so has the program sometimes, i am easily distracted 

But nothing stands still in the end there is always changes, when I grew up there was black and white TV and then Colour WOW !

Now you can watch You Tube channels, free TV on a I-pod for an example.

You can run your pc or mac mini as a kind of server and play video from say an App called AirVideo over to your I-pod and have the Apple cable plugged into the I-pod and the other end plugged into the TV and watch films over your WI FI local Network.

You cannot sadly view from the You Tube App so better to google this and watch through the google app or a app called Jasmine.

Watching this way you can choose what you wish to watch without adds well for now 🙂 be sure the advertisers are always been sold something by the advertisers to promote there ideas. 

Since I have experimented with using my i-pod as a way to view TV I actauly watch more of what I like to watch, examples might be History Channel on You Tube I never knew there was so much to watch many a BBC history program to general Topics of say Truth behind Black Beard the Private.

If your just into films the are plenty of Flick channels which you can subscribe a min payment and watch these channels, so no need for a TV box or Satellite, you just stream through your I-pod to TV using a cable and all is good. 

I be interested in your views on how your watching TV now and what your preferences are ?

I often upload big fat files in HD on flying go to my You Tube channel.

I asked many if they watch this on there 42 inch TV screens ? No comes back the answer i use a iPad the big TV for footy mainly and sitting in front of for a period of time.

How times change from the family all sitting quite around a radio working with vales and tubes and little TV in a wooden box with one channel.

Now we have media in the screen of a heads up display our viewing experiences are forever changing, personaly I like to have portable projector of a quality that is possible 3 D pop up on the table.

For now just a projector from a i-pod would be fine but I like 100 % quality and no noise.

Many projectors for home use are ok but the lums required from say LED means about 2000, which in terms of heat means a fan which means too noisey to be productive.

So yes I like to see 3 D display in the middle of the room.


So I be very interested in any of your views on how you watch the screen and any new methods you use.
Leave your ideas here please.


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