Sapporo ski jump

Sapporo ski jump

i been ask to paint this from a little low res mobile image, the area is North Japan in Sapporo where they hold the ski jump and Olympic games in 1972.

I had a think before hand as the image was only 300 kbps at 72 DPI. I could bring it up on the computer screen and make it bigger and work from there was my first thought.

But instead I went for a print and chalk method.

First I brought the image into a photoshop and produced a more album cover type look and when i was happy. I printed the A2 off in 4 sections as the printer i have is only A4.

Later I joined the A4’s together with tape and them stuck them to the A2 plywood (marine ply is better) but i used some wood I found in a skip.

First i painted the wood matt black a few times and filled in any holes to make the surface as smooth as you can get.

Once dry I rubbed chalk onto the paper and then laid it down on the board with the tape holding it in place and penciled over the main areas and then i had a white chalk line to follow.

After this I simply added more details and removed the printed paper, but did mark the area on paper and board should I ever need to re apply the paper in place.


Here is what it looks like looking down the steps, its massive steps and climb to the area the ski down at silly speeds and jump.


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