Cannot aford to pay Photoshop prices why worry use a cheaper alternative

Hi all I have been asked many times before about alternatives to photoshop.

First point I like to make for some reason people think Photoshop it the best program out there.

Personally I fine it very clunky and rough to use in certain areas and do prefer other methods and programs to perform these tasks.

Such as say drawing an image better of with Illustrator as it is a Vector program (no jagged edges)

But back to Photoshop the reason I am posting this is to save time and put up some links for you all to follow.

Lightroom is a good alternative for editing images in the way say for Photographs. Altering tones adding filters, adjusting curves and so on.

It is not free but an ok price and is made Adobe.

Link here

Other methods I have used to alter images are free Apps/Programs on line.

This one Looks like Photoshop called Chocofloop.

Is no longer up dated but does work on power pc and intel machines, but not PC windows. (Window users links for programs for you below)

What you really need to determine is do I really need photoshop, so let us just work through this for a moment.

1: Export types what is it your doing ?

Answer just printing it off at home or going to a printer shop – then jpeg will be fine for home user.

What happens if you taken an image on my camera in RAW format?
Can these program open this ? no then your need another program to do this – maybe your need to go and find out for yourself.

2: Are you willing to spend £600 quid for photoshop just to be able to open the images ? and edited areas like curves / tones etc if so you have more money than sense as for this price you could buy say a good Nikon camera body.

3: What alternatives are there for you to edit in such areas as colour balances / tones and so on.

Well good news is a whole list of free programs are here. All you have to do is read the pages and find out what is good for your needs.

Please do remember the moment this is written it is out of date so some links my change or some free programs my be bought up and not be free.


Link here –

Not free but around £10 quid or 17 dollars

Not free but around £10 quid or 17 dollars as of 2013.


Link here –

Very much like Photoshop inter face – no longer updated works on power pc and Intel – no windows version. (Terrible name)



Link here –

Free app for editing images windows only.

free app for editing images windows only
free app for editing images windows only


Link here –

The main reason I included this program are the areas such as drawing the images you have taken, similar to programs like ArtRage/ Illustrator/Freehand.

Wish to have something that is more than just a basic program ?
Wish to have something that is more than just a basic program ?
Example two
Example two


Link here –

Windows only and made by Serif – they pack a lot in as they offer a whole range of products in images / film and so on.

Windows only
Windows only


Link here

And the big favourite for many as it has a community of many.
Terrible name again – but a very good program over all.

Gimp App
Gimp App

So while we are thinking about which program we actual need for our uses I think it is about time it is said.

Most people are either Mac or Windows based. When I answer peoples questions sometimes I often feel they are almost Rasists. Or have they just been sold and brain washed into the OS of there machine.

They are often like car drivers, who I find to be in Uk anti bikes and bikes anti cars, yet they all share the same areas.

So my point is think different when looking for programs do not simply reach out for the shinny book which everyone has told you is the one you need.

A very good example of this is VLC

Link here

This program is free up to date can play over the top of all other programs running as in float on top of the programs open.

Works on all OS (operating systems) You have probably all had the error windows needs to install quicktime plug in go and down load – or if your on a mac AVi Quicktime will need to go and search for a plug in.

If you have ever had this happen do ask your selfs why would the people MAC/ WiNDOWS implement this into the user friendly OS?

We all using the same area just like the car and bikes ? right.

Well VLC will just play and get on with it.

One last program I like to mention which is 3 D based but I think it does do images.


Link here

Sexy chick

This program is as good as say Lightwave and I think easier on the eye to see and use. There web site is very well supported and again very easy on the eye. And above all it works on every platform OS out there.

So next time your about to invest hundreds of pounds on a new or updated program. Go and have a look and see what is about on the web.

If your not in the professional line you do not have to be forced in using the said Photoshop/ Final Cut Pro and so on.

Alternatives are there on the web many are supporting older machines as well as newer ones, so your less likely to be left behind when you say need to buy a new MAC and move from the Power PC to a new intel Mac.

And for all of you that do not understand why some people have older mac’s, simple really the programs cost more than the computer.


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