Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai

Toshiro Mifune played Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai.
This is the original film which was later made by John Eliot Sturges as the Magnificent Seven.

The original version directed by Akira Kurosawa shows if you ever watch it clever camera work and attention to details. Some regard him as the major break through in ideas in todays films.

The film is in Japanese with subtitles which some will find off putting. But if you have a big screen and have the volume turn up high your be amazed at the simple power and action from the director Akira Kurosawa. For me probably my most liked film I ever watched.

Link here to some of the scenes and explanation of the filming and ideas of the time. We have say Avatar now with endless camera angles and limitless images, just the budget to swing and your onto a winner.

Back in the days of Seven Samurai having more than three camera would be scene as over kill for one seen let alone wide angle/ zoom mode whats that !
Link to film here


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