Heat issue ? Mini Mac 2011

Ambient temperature 50 c !Using software Hardware Monitor.
How can this be ? only 20 c in the room using a house hold thermometer.

Came up with this as an idea Fan with Stand and a blue light all yours for £6.99 plus postage in Uk.

If you like one email Rob artrc608@gmail.com


Other measures to cool the Mini mac would be to put it in an area cooler than the shelf it sits on such as the floor.

This brought the temperature down to 35 c


So the better place to put the mac mini if your worried about the heat is on the desk top.


The stand for £6.99 plus postage had one feature I liked. It stopped the mini from sliding around the place. The plastic bottom that comes with the mini slides so so easy on the table tops. So keep out of reach with your pussy cats.

The stand with fan dropped the temperature to 43c when under the table without the fan the temperature was 50c.

And with the stand and fan comes a light. Which when on a shelf under the table where not much airflow takes places looked cool and gave a nice ambient light with a helping hand with visual viewing when putting in SD cards at the rear of the mini.

Last thoughts I only stumbled across the temperature area of the mac mini when looking for rubber feet to stop the mini from sliding around.

When I read some people thoughts on the actual temperature of the mini and they ask was the temperature too hot ? I feel not so if the mini was used in Singapore, Iceland to Uk the working temperature would be fine. Bit like saying a car is running too hot in the sun.

So like all Mac models it have a working environment which its happy with, or it would just simple shut down to prevent damage.

Mac Mini fan stand



This image might help with understanding which temperature suit your mini mac.


I have read that intel suggest not to run CPU over 85c but are rated to 100c

Just a last thought on juice and heat.

I had a power pc G5 2.7 that kept the back room warm in winter times. Power consumption at idle was 130 watts.

The mini 2011 model at idle uses 18 watts and I have had it up to 48 watts on renders using after effects and export QuickTime for web.

I came across this information on power usage.

I use 18 watts at idle only difference in details are I use a 750Gb drive spinning at 7200rpm and 8 Gb of ram.


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