Prometheus II Origins of Man – Life Giving

Prometheus II

Origins of Man – Life Giving.

Dr Shaw and Robot David leave LV – 426 in search of the Engineers.

Lucky for them David, Weyland’s Robot son is able to work out the control system of the space craft which takes them straight to the home land of the Engineers.

Here they meet Hade a spiritual Engineer.

Dr Shaw and David explain what has happen back on LV – 426 to the main councilors.

There members of council are alerted by Hades Farther about the engineers that went they some 300 years ago. LV – 426 planet was ruled as off limits due to the process of life giving which had gone one step to perfecting the ultimate genetic off-spring.

The reproduction of DNA that had produced us had also produced a side effect the effects were more ingrained within the nature of the thinking of the animal within.

This only became apparent thousands of years later when Hades great, great, great,great ancestor came to earth to mix with the people and see what had become of them only to be crucified !

He realized that the human civilization had become a distant reminder of his own culture hell bent on wiping out everything including themselves and asked them for forgiveness for what would ultimately happen.

Present time.

Hade is to return to Earth with Dr Shaw and David remains on the Engineers home planet.

Upon returning to Earth all appears to go well and Hade is looked upon as a God the second coming by most but for a few.

Dr Shaw starts to have her suspicions about the out come.

Back on The Engineers Home Planet.

Events change David long ambition to become as human comes true as the Engineers give him a soul.

But first he has to sell out the souls of the human race in order to gain his wish.

Back on earth the second coming of Christ is not going to plan.

All hell has broken lose with Hade being crucified and Dr Shaw trying to prevent the situation from getting out of control.

As the real truth of where we came from resolves back to the garden of eden on LV – 426

Where Hades blood line relates back to Adam in the garden of eden.

And Dr Shaw’s line comes from Eve in the garden of Eden.

Both Dr Shaw and Hade must return to the Garden of Eden to ensure the balance of man and universes code is set in balance once again in order to stop ……………

I made the background in After Effects and drew the brushes , landscape and figure in ArtRage and added a water mark in Photoshop.


Video of the engineer before the film


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