Bluetooth Apple Keyboard and Bluetooth.Plists

Connecting a USB BlueTooth Belkin model F8T012 to a Dual 2.7 Ghz Power PC G5 running 10.5.8

With a Apple wireless Keyboard.

(takes two batteries- the new one 2011 takes three batteries. This keyboard will not work on Power Pc I am told by Apple staff.)

Has anyone ever found a permanent solution to a problem I am having.

Each morning I start the G5 the keyboard is listed as paired. Other times the keyboard is not seen.

keyboard paired

Either way the keyboard does not function even when it is seen as in the image above.

I then need to delete the wireless setting in System Preferences.

Then complete the paring task.

Bluetooth. plist

The above image I get after I deleted the following. (Boot/Lib/Pref/ByHost)

If I hang around before typing in the serial number to complete the bluetooth connection I do get this I find.


It seems to find my old settings.
Which was the D-link blue tooth which work find for one year.

So when this died I replaced it with the BlueTooth Belkin model F8T012 and the above problem happened.

I have also tried the following.

1: Logging out deleting the above – Same problems occurred.

2: Alt/Apple P and R resetting pram. Still same problem occurred.

3: Unplugging mac from mains over night and taking batteries out of key board.

Before I did this i deleted the setting in bluetooth under system preferences and deleted all the bluetooth.plists I mention above.

Same problem occurred.

I have taken the wireless keyboard into a Can com in Brighton very helpful person repeated the same problem on an old Power pc.

I have managed to connect with a modern iMac in store the big Apple mac store in Brighton.

And at home with Apple MacBook – Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz – 13.3″

So my conclusion is of two areas.

1: D-link 120 USB will work without problem.

2: re install the operating system from 10.4 and then see if the Apple Keyboard and Bluetooth work and restart and work again.

If so update and see what happens.

As I feel somewhere inside the OS is a reference to my old settings for the D -link and this is why Rob’s Keyboard comes up after the second restart.

It seems to re jig itself.

If you have a solution or an idea that has work for you post them here please.

Last thought hold on to the old keyboard with the cable plug and play dudes 🙂


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