Wide Angle Lens for Itouch – 808 key ring

A friend sent me an wide angle lens for my 808 key ring camera.

But before I fit the wide angle lens to the 808 key ring.

I tried it on a Itouch ipod.

Here are two images to give you an idea. Shot in bad light and in the same position (no tripod) hand held.

Image 2 with wide angle lens.

Camera parts come in two lens. One wide angle and one macro. The big lump in this image is the 808 key ring camera.

Which is small in height so the attachment of the wide angle lens here is going to be a bit tricky.

The wide angle lens is magnetic and I am going to be using this camera for some paragliding where it be un protected during the flight.

Any suggestions from people on how they fixed the wide angle lens as a permeant fixture is welcome.


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