Video of 808 HD camera review in action from a paraglider

I have used the 808 HD camera to film from a paraglider, the results are good.

This is my review of the 808 Micro HD camera of which the manual that came with the product calls the “HD 720 P Mini DV. If you do a web search it comes back with the “Item title: 808HD Lens Car Keychain Camera DV #11 Jumbo V3 1280×720″.

First off I was looking for a device to film in extreme environments. So if I had loads of money to throw at the idea I would be using far better kit with better results, but I am not and part of that reason is down to the fact that weight and size is very important to me.

You see I needed a method of filming a paraglider flight from launch to landing. Excessive weight on a paraglider wing throws up major problems on landings as the glider is flared and the glider drops behind you onto the ground. For those of you who are not familiar with “Paragliding” click on this link

The camera will have to handle the “shocks” of lifting the glider during take-off and bringing the glider down to the ground when landing. You might get away with using an iTouch but even this device has enough weight to distort the glider and be damaged on impact with the ground whereas a lightweight mini cam like the 808 Micro HD has minimal effect on the glider and low impact.

So when my student Simon came up with the idea of using the 808 Micro HD for filming in flight I was a little suspicious with the end results. Normally I film using a large camera on a tripod shooting with a DVD Pal on tape or with a camera shooting RAW formats and always looking for quality.

So how would this little baby handle? Overall I have been pleased with the unit and have given it a 6 out of 10. The quality came out fine for what I wished to use the item for which is my paragliding web site Creating training videos for my students.

I also wished something that was easy to start recording and not get in the way with the flying. Normally I have to mess around with mono poles and being extremely careful not to damage the camera.

So I have created some test clips which I can share with you and any feedback is welcome.

If your into video editing, as I am, with Final Cut Pro the image size of 1280 by 720 is not a bad size to play with and the format H.264 will run in Final Cut without any problems. So I have actually been able to play the video without the need to render the file. Which has been the case with many other HD Cams where I have to run programs like MPEG Streamclip for an hour or so to render out to a big fat raw file so I can edit in Final Cut Pro?

If I was to compare the 808 Micro HD with the iTtouch which also generates to H.264 format I would say the quality is better on the iTouch which is probably down to the quality of lens. Both have small pin holes sizes which will reduce the overall quality.

So if you are after a better quality video then “Go Pro” would be a better choice but you are not going to be able to loop the “Go Pro” through the line of the glider without additional protection.
Click the image to watch the show and I hope to get some feed back please.


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