Tilt Shift Video

Tiltshift video filmed using a Panasonic Pal mini dvd.
A couple of things to think about here.

I used tape, mini DVD as it is in a raw format and easy to edit in final cut. Where as I was given a HD file the other week on a SD card.

First I needed to uncompress this in a program called “Video Pier”

File size on the SD card was 5 gbs and then I uncompressed this in MPEG Streamclip which brought the file size to 20 gbs or so. Video of this here http://www.freeflightbrighton.co.uk/Pages/Video/Newhaven-Cliffs/Newhaven.html

Time to uncompress these files on a Dual G5 power pc 2.7ghz took around 40 mins.

Where as the video of Shoreham AIrport and a trip around Japan needed no rendering as I can drop Pal straight into the time line and play and edit with ease.

Click on the video and see what you think.

tilt shift JR tower
Tilt Shift Sapporo Japan

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