Loads of money

How greedy are we, mortgages we borrow money to buy a home, when we paid this loan off we can then say we own the home for a period of 999 years on a lease, referred to as a freehold.

2017 mortgage company’s offer 4 x salary’s !

This sounds like the 90’s all over again, mortgage rates increased to alarming amounts, in

Oct 89 15.00%


Copy Paste with word press app ?

I have been chatting with word press helper and to date I am sure the word press app on an iPad does not support copy paste !

Update for app word press 13th march 2017 version 7.1 file size 44.8mb’s
iPad pro OS 10.2.1

26th of March 2017 iPad pro unable to copy paste from safari in to app word press.

Issue bug appears to be present in the app word press.

Has anyone else had this issue ? please comment.